Why know the Pantanal with the Brazil Fishing Tour Group?

Brasil Pesca Tur Group is nowadays one of the biggest in Mato Grosso's Pantanal. With more than 10 years of experience, we stand on three pilars that are responsible for the success of our enterprises: susteinability, comfort and security.

Pantanal is the biggest floodplain in our planet, classified as a Worllwide Natural Heritage and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. We see this paradise as our home, and as every good host what we wish for you is to be always well served and that everything is perfect during your stay with us.

In Eco Tourism, as well as in Fishing Tourism, we seek to preserve and respect the environment balance, supporting environmental education and the observation of this paradise called Pantanal. Our doors are open, waiting for you.

Get ready to sail in one of the largest and best hotel ships of Mato Grosso's Pantanal. Prepared to host up to 28 people, the Pantanal Oasis is a show over the waters of Cuiabá, São Lourenço, Piquiri and Paraguai Rivers – main routes sailed by this giant. On these routes, we enter a lot of other rivers and affluents, beyond the large diversity of fish in our region for Fishing Tourism and the rich Pantanal fauna and flora for Eco Tourism. Our ship has all the documentation and licenses that are demanded by Brazilian Navy, always putting the security of our guests in first place.

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Charmful, agile and with an impecable service, the Pantanal Athenas Ship Hotel is the “beloved child” of Brasil Pesca Tur Group. With refined decoration and made to host up to 16 people groups, it is a medium sized ship that can reach any Pantanal region all year long (dry and flood seasons). That increases Athenas usage in fishing tours, allowing you to seek for fish wherever they are. Always putting security in first place, the Pantanal Athenas has all the inspection protocols and documentation required by brazilian Navy up to date.

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Porto da Capivara Inn is the best development in the region, focused on ecotourism and ecological and sport fishing. A place where luxury meets tradition. We are in the heart of the Pantanal Mato Grosso, on the banks of the São Lourenço and Três Irmãos rivers, where one of the largest jaguar observatories on the planet is located. The region is close to the Cuiabá and Piquiri, which are in the Porto Jofre region. As it is a more isolated place, it provides both better fishing in its rivers, as well as a greater opportunity for an immersive ecotourism that is more involved with nature.

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