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Premier Pantanal Fishing Package - 5 days / 6 nights

Premier Pantanal Fishing Package

Traditional fishing in groups of up to 28 people from Brasil Pesca Tur with everything you're entitled to. You can choose one of our luxurious vessels, the Oasis do Pantanal and the Athenas do Pantanal, and an incredible guesthouse in the heart of the North Pantanal, the Pousada Porto da Capivara. The program lasts 6 nights and 5 days and accommodation and package rates per person vary depending on the number of people in the group. Embark and disembark at Porto Cercado or Porto Jofre, being able to fish in the embarkation area or make our crossing, Cercado / Jofre and vice versa. All of our packages are All Inclusive Premium. Get a quote without obligation and come live this adventure.

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