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Porto da Capivara Inn

Porto da Capivara Inn

Porto da Capivara Inn is the best development in the region, focused on ecotourism and ecological and sport fishing. A place where luxury meets tradition. We are in the heart of the Pantanal Mato Grosso, on the banks of the São Lourenço and Três Irmãos rivers, where one of the largest jaguar observatories on the planet is located. The region is close to the Cuiabá and Piquiri, which are in the Porto Jofre region. As it is a more isolated place, it provides both better fishing in its rivers, as well as a greater opportunity for an immersive ecotourism that is more involved with nature.

Porto da Capivara Inn has an incredible structure that carefully and lovingly follows the regional tradition, always respecting the nature that surrounds us. We have an air-conditioned restaurant on the banks of the São Lourenço River, with a Chef specializing in regional and contemporary cuisine. We also have a living room with cable TV, Wi-fi and an intertwined hammock area, with all the beauty that PANTANAL can offer us. The accommodations have a high standard of comfort but without losing the cultural ties in their environments.



- 07 suites equipped with box beds, minibar, bathroom with hot/cold shower and very good regional decoration;
- Starlink with uninterrupted internet;
- 2 marajó boats with 50HP motor, 1 marajó boat with 90HP motor, 02 pontões for 16 people and 20 people with 115HP motor and 02 7 meter boats with 50HP motors, all with extremely comfortable cushioned swivel chains;
- uninterrupted electrical energy;
- 02 generator groups, 01 of 150 KWA and 1 of 50 KWA, to assist in the supply of energy;
- Modern water and waste treatment system approved by SEMA;
- Complete industrial kitchen with a traditional pantaneiro stove;
- Modern boat anchor, with more comfort and safety.