More than 15 years of experience in tourism in the Pantanal

Who We Are

Brazil Pesca Tur

+ 18 years
experience in Fishing Tourism

Come and experience fishing in the fishiest region of the Pantanal (Cuiabá, São Lourenço, Piquiri and Jofre Region Rivers) with one of the largest fishing and ecotourism groups in Brazil, Brasil Pesca Tur.
In addition to being located in the largest jaguar observatory on the planet, Time Magazine highlighted the Pantanal among the 50 best places in the world to visit in 2023. And we offer all of this to you in our incredible structures.
With 3 "top of the line" developments (Barco Hotel Oasis do Pantanal, for up to 28 people / Barco Hotel Athenas do Pantanal, for up to 16 people / Pousada Porto da Capivara, a spectacle for up to 24 people) where you can enjoy all nature and Pantanal tradition with great safety and comfort, which only Brasil Pesca Tur can offer.
All of our projects are regularized and inspected by the Brazilian Navy and we have trained professionals to offer the best onboard service in the Pantanal.

Contribute to the sustainable development of Pantanal, adding value and providing high quality services to satisfy all our customers
To be a reference in the segment of accommodation for Fishing Tourism in the Pantanal, offering excellent customer service, maximizing total satisfaction through training of our employees and innovation in the hotel area.
Take care of the Pantanal and work in a sustainable way, maintaining respect for the customer, professional ethics, continuous improvement, quality in the offering of our products, commitment and transparency in services. Our success comes from the satisfaction of our customers.