More than 15 years of experience in tourism in the Pantanal


The Fishiest Region in the Entire Pantanal!

The Fishiest Region in the Entire Pantanal!

With more than 15 years of experience in the Pantanal, Brasil Pesca Tur works with 2 Barco Hotels, the Oasis do Pantanal and the Athenas do Pantanal and 1 luxury inn, Porto da Capivara, with the same quality standard in all of them, but with different sizes to serve your customers and partners more efficiently.

We are located in the fishiest region of the entire Pantanal and in the richest location for Pantanal fauna.

We meet at the largest jaguar observatory on the planet.

There are many rivers on our itinerary (Rio Cuiabá, São Benedito, Perigara, São Lourenço, Três Irmãos and Piquiri) and many streams and streams, which makes this itinerary much more fishy.

With a lot of work and experience, today we provide the best onboard service in the region. Come live this experience with us.

We are located in the North Pantanal, a region that has many rivers and several corichos and lakes that are a consequence of floods. The best-known rivers in our region are the Cuiabá River, São Lourenço, Perigara, Três Irmãos, Piquiri and the Paraguay River.

In our state, Piracema is the fish breeding season where fishing is prohibited. This period extends from October 1st to February 1st.


- Medicine for: headache, nausea, diarrhea, flu, allergies, anti-inflammatory, muscle pain, eye drops, etc. Don't forget to take daily medicines;

- Sunscreen;

- Dark glasses. Don't forget your prescription glasses;

- Flashlight, pocket knife, fishing box, glove;

  - T-shirts with UV protection are essential. Long and short-sleeved cotton t-shirts, if possible, in a soft color to help protect from the sun;

- Always bring light clothes, pants, shorts, but always check with the weather service to find out about the weather in the Pantanal, as we may struggle with the wind coming from the south and thus dropping the local temperature;

* Hat or cap with large brims and ear and neck protection;

* Raincoat;

* Thermal bag to carry the share of fish;

* Camera or film camera;

* Slippers.

Pantanal Fish

Meet Some Stand Out

Brazil is a country rich in nature, options, flora and fauna. The Pantanal region has the most diverse fish possible,
having cataloged more than 260 species throughout its region, making the place abundant and one of the best freshwater fishing places in the world.
Among this great diversity of fish species in the Pantanal, discover some that stand out: